Nursing Resume Cover Letter

Rachel Nicole Rivers

30 Franklin Street, #414

Malden, MA 02148

Northside Hospital

c/o Ramona Washington, HR Manager

2348 Morgan Cecily Road

Malden, MA 02144

Dear Ms. Washington:

Attached please find my resume in response to your opening for a Registered Nurse, Case Manager. I have been interested in Northside for some time and was delighted to learn of an opportunity within your prestigious medical facility.

I am presently employed as a trauma Nurse Practitioner with Convenient Care of Malden. While I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience there, I feel that it is time for me to explore opportunities more suited to my character and versatility. I am looking to focus more on continued patient care, with my own patient load. I enjoy trauma but feel that I have the ability to build a practice alongside a family practitioner. Essentially, I need the ability to truly devote my time and effort to my patients without the distraction of internal procedure, as my goal is to provide quality medical care.

Recognizing that Northside is such a progressive teaching facility, fully dedicated to its standard of excellence, I feel that I would have the opportunity to take ownership of the work I provide, while being a part of an innovative practice. I have initiative, my background is diverse, and I am able to bring uniquely well-rounded experience to the multiple areas of medicine your facility handles. Additionally, having been afforded the opportunity to work in various types of medical facilities (i.e. community health centers, family practice, hospitals, etc…), and also abroad, I possess the ability to relate to many different types of clients.

I encourage you to consider me for this position, as I am confident my qualifications are an excellent fit for Northside Hospital. Please contact me via email or phone to arrange a meeting. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to the opportunity to move forward.


Rachel N. Rivers, RN