Develop a New Graduate Nurse Resume

 After years of hard work, you are finally graduating with a nursing degree. You can breathe a sigh of relief because all of those grueling hours of studying, class time and clinicals are over. However, now that you have finished nursing school it is time to start thinking about getting  a job. This presents itself with a whole new set of challenges. New graduate nurses are having difficulty finding jobs because of the economy. A lot of hospitals and other healthcare facilities have implemented hiring freezes in an effort to save money. These facilities are receiving hundreds of resumes for nurses every week.  If you want to become a prime candidate for the few jobs that are available it is very important that you learn how to develop a great new graduate nurse resume. The following tips will be very helpful for you.

No Experience? No Problem


New graduate nurses think they have nothing to bring to the table when looking for a job. But this is not true. You just have to learn to think outside the box a little. When you are writing a new nurse resume think about the position you are applying for. If you are wanting to work with geriatrics, then think about all those clinical hours you spent in the nursing homes or taking care of the older population. This can count for experience. Make sure you list these hours on your new graduate nursing resume.

Maybe you have done volunteer work at the local hospital or other type of healthcare facility. Make sure you include this in your resume. Even though you did not get paid for volunteering you gain valuable experience that you will be able to use in your nursing job.

If you don’t have any volunteer experiences to list then go get some. Check withyour  local chapter of the Red Cross to see if they need volunteers. Call your local community health organizations and inquire about volunteer hours. Keep your eyes and ears  open for new opportunities in your community  to use your nursing knowledge.

Advance Your Education

You have just graduated from nursing school, and you aced the NCLEX exam. Even though these are great accomplishments, you have got to remember you are vying for nursing jobs with others who have accomplished the exact same things as you. If you want to make your new graduate nurse resume stand out from the others you have got to go the extra mile. Consider the type of nursing you want to do and then become an expert in your field.

If you want to work with children then look for nursing continuing education hours in this specialty. Take as many CEU’s on pediatrics as you can find. List them on your new nurse resume. You should also check with your local hospital or college to see if they are offering pediatric advanced life support classes or PALS. A certification in PALS will set you above the rest of the new nurses applying for the same job.

If you like to write then consider submitting articles written around your area of interest to nursing or other health related publications. If you become a published author this will really boost your credibility when it comes to job hunting. What organization wouldn’t want to hire a nurse who has been published?


All Work Experience is Helpful

As you are developing your new graduate nursing resume you should include all work experience. For example, if you were a customer service representative prior to becoming a nurse, this will be very helpful in your new career. Most all hospitals and healthcare organizations look at the patients and families of patients as customers. Customer service is high on their list of priorities because they want individuals to be happy enough to recommend their hospital to others. Any type of  work experience that involved dealing with customers is great to list on your new graduate nurse resume.

Writing resumes for nurses can sometimes be a challenging task, especially if you are a new graduate  However, if you sit down and brainstorm you will find that you have a lot to offer any prospective employer. Develop your new graduate nurse resume using the information given in this article, and you will definitely have an advantage over other nurses who are applying for the same position.